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# T900XHD - Voltage Regulator Brush Holder Assembly, Extra Heavy Duty, 12 Volt, I-D-A Terminals, 14.8 Vset, w/o LRC, For Ford 6G Series Alternators

Price: $49.95
Part #: T900XHD

T900XHD - Voltage Regulator Brush Holder Assembly, Extreme Duty, 12 Volt, A-Circuit, I-D-A Terminals, 14.8 Vset, w/o LRC, For Ford 6G Series Alternators

For: Ford 6G Series Alternators

  • 100% New
  • Extra Heavy Duty Regulator
  • Supports custom extreme duty hi-amp alternators

Used On: Massey Ferguson (1988-2000), Spra-Coupe (2005-2010)

Replaces: Agco Sisu Power 3784889M1, 3784889M2, 3784890M1, 3823621M93, 3823621M94, 836667507, Alpina 3823621M91, Caterpillar 225-3148, Ford F8WU-10C359-AB, Letrika (Iskra) 11.131.780, Marelli 063280040010, 63280040, MSN8040, Massey Ferguson 3784889M2, 3784890M1, 3823621M91, Perkins Engine 2873K404, 2873K621, 2873K632, Prestolite 860714, R007520270S

Unit Nos: Ford 2C3U-10300-CB, 2C3U-10300-CC, 2C3Z-10346-CA, 2C3Z-10346-CARM, 2C3Z-10346-CB, 2C3Z-10V346-ABRM, 2C3Z-10V346-CBRM, 2C3Z-10V346-CCRM, 2C6U-10300-BA, 2C6Z-10346-BA, 2C6Z-10346-BARM, 2C6Z-10V346-BBRM, 3C3T-10300-AA, 3C3T-10300-AC, 3C3T-10300-DA, 3C3Z-10346-AA, 3C3Z-10346-AARM, 3C3Z-10346-DA, 3C3Z-10346-DARM, 3C3Z-10V346-DBRM, 4C3Z-10V346-ABRM, F81U-10300-BC, F81U-10300-BD, F81U-10300-CC, F81U-10300-CD, F81U-10300-CE, F81U-10300-DB, F81U-10300-DC, F81U-10300-DD, F81U-10300-DE, F81U-10300-EB, F81U-10300-FA, F81U-10300-FB, F81U-10300-FC, F81U-10300-GA, F81Z-10346-BA, F81Z-10346-BARM, F81Z-10346-CA, F81Z-10346-CARM, F81Z-10346-DA, F81Z-10346-DARM, F81Z-10346-EA, F81Z-10346-EARM, F81Z-10346-GA, F81Z-10346-GARM, F81Z-10V346-BBRM, F81Z-10V346-CBRM, F81Z-10V346-DBRM, F81Z-10V346-EBRM, F81Z-10V346-GARM, F81Z-10V346-GBRM, F8AU-10300-AB, F8AU-10300-AC, F8AU-10300-AD, F8AZ-10346-AB, F8AZ-10346-ABRM, F8AZ-10V346-ABRM, F8AZ-10V346-ACRM, XR3U-10300-AA, XR3U-10300-AB, XR3U-10300-AC, XR3Z-10346-AA, XR3Z-10346-AARM, XR3Z-10V346-ABRM, Ford Engineering 2C3U-CB, 2C3U-CC, 2C6U-BA, 3C3T-AA, 3C3T-AC, 3C3T-DA, F81U-BC, F81U-BD, F81U-CC, F81U-CD, F81U-CE, F81U-DB, F81U-DC, F81U-DD, F81U-DE, F81U-EB, F81U-FA, F81U-FB, F81U-FC, F81U-GA, F8AU-AB, F8AU-AC, F8AU-AD, XR3U-AA, XR3U-AB, XR3U-AC, Penntex PX-220R-5, Lester 7795, 7796, 7797, 7798, 7799, 8252, 8262-11, 8306, 8310, 8311, 8317

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