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# QS20448003 - Pulley, 4-Groove Serpentine, For Mitsubishi Alternators

Price: $43.95
Part #: QS20448003

QS20448003 - Pulley, 4-Groove Serpentine, For Mitsubishi Alternators

For: Mitsubishi Alternators

Dimensions: 15mm Bore x 53mm OD x 23mm Thickness

Features: 100% New Machined pulley cut from cold-rolled steel.

Used On: Asuna, Chevrolet, Dodge, Eagle, Geo, GMC, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Plymouth, Pontiac, Suzuki

Replaces: Mitsubishi A679C05870, A679C07570, MD611791, Suzuki 31171-60A20

Unit Nos: Mando AB155001, AR160A, Mitsubishi A001T03191, A001T04495, A001T40791, A001T40891, A002T00991, A002T03591, A002T03691, A002T04191, A002T09291, A002T09691, A002T22991, A002T28291, A002T43891, A002T48791, A002T49891, A1T01991, A1T03191, A1T04495, A1T40791, A1T40891, A2T00991, A2T03591, A2T03691, A2T04191, A2T09291, A2T09691, A2T22991, A2T28291, A2T43891, A2T43892, A2T48791, A2T49891, MD091793, MD091849, MD091850, MD099624, MD099625, MD102088, MD111149, MD111160, MD111286, MD111607, MD125096, MD150421, MD152872, Suzuki 31400-60A20, 31400-71C31, Valeo TA000A47001, TA000B43801Z

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