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# QS20214005 - Pulley, 2-Groove V-Belt, For Ford 1G Truck Alternators

Price: $34.95
Part #: QS20214005

QS20214005 - Pulley, 2-Groove V-Belt, For Ford 1G Truck Alternators

For: Ford 1G Truck Alternators

Dimensions: 22.35mm Bore x 79mm OD x 10mm Belt width

Features: 100% New Machined pulley cut from cold-rolled steel.

Replaces: Ford C7TF10A352B, C7TZ10344B, E2HZ10344A, GP485

Unit Nos: Denso 121000-2450, Ford 2EHT10300FA, 44TF10346BA, 87HU10300AA, C0AZ10346B, C7AF10300A, C7AF10346A, C7AF10346B, C7TF10300A, C7TF10300B, C7TZ10346A, C7TZ10346B, C9AF10300D, C9AF10346B, C9AZ10346B, C9SF10300C, C9SZ10346A, C9TF10300A, D0AF10300A, D0AZ10346B, D0HF10300A, D0HF10300B, D0HF10300C, D0HF10346B, D0HZ10346B, D0TF10300A, D0TF10300B, D1AF10300BA, D1AF10300CA, D1AF10346BA, D1AF10346CA, D1AZ10346A, D1AZ10346AA, D1HF10300AA, D1HF10300B, D1HF10300BA, D1HF10300CA, D1HF10346BA, D1HZ10346A, D1TF10300AA, D1TF10300BA, D2AF10300DA, D2HF10300BA, D2HF10300CA, D2HF10300DA, D2HF10300EA, D2HF10300FA, D2HF10346BA, D2HZ10346A, D2HZ10346B, D2TF10300DA, D2TF10300DB, D2TF10300FA, D2TF10300GA, D2TF10300HA, D2TF10346DA, D2TZ10346D, D3HF10300AA, D3HF10300BA, D3HF10300BB, D3HF10300CA, D3TF10300AA, D4HF10300BA, D4HF10346BA, D4HZ10346B, D4TF10300BA, D4TF10300CA, D4TF10346B, D4TF10346BA, D4TZ10346B, D4TZ10346BA, E2HF10346AA, E2HF10346BA, E2HT10300DB, E2HT10300EB, E2HT10300FA, E2HT10300GA, E2HT10346DA, E2HT10346DB, E2HT10346EB, E2HT10346GA, E2HZ10346E, E4HT10300AA, EZHT10346DB, EZHT10346EB, F0HU10346CA, F0HU10346FA, GL215, GL216, GL217, GL218, GL67, GL85, GL87, GL93, GL93A, GL93C, GL94, GL94A, GL94B, GL94C

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