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# QS20148002 - 1-Groove V-Belt Pulley, Chrysler and Mitsubishi Alternators, 13mm Belt x 78mm OD x 15mm Bore

Price: $29.95
Part #: QS20148002

QS20148002 - 1-Groove V-Belt Pulley, Mitsubishi Alternators, 13mm Belt x 78mm OD x 15mm Bore

For: Mitsubishi Alternators

Dimensions: 13mm Belt x 78mm OD x 15mm Bore


  • 100% New
  • Machined pulley cut from cold rolled steel

Used On: Mazda B101-18-300B, B617-18-300, BJ01-18-300, E356-18-300A, E357-18-300, E5D3-18-300A, E5D4-18-300
Mitsubishi 30L68-02100 , A002T02271, A002T02471, A002T02671, A002T02771, A002T02871, A002T02971, A002T03171, A002T03471, A002T07071, A002T07371, A002T13471, A002T43671, A005T16471, A005T23171, A005T30871, A005T32571, A005T41271, A007TA2071, A2T02271, A2T02271, A2T02471, A2T02471, A2T02671, A2T02771, A2T02871 , A2T02971, A2T03171, A2T03471, A2T07071, A2T07371, A2T13471, A2T43671, A5T16471 , A5T23171, A5T30871, A5T32571, A5T41271, A7TA2071 , MD091846, MD108021, MD108022, MD108023, MD108229, MD108230, MD108509, MD108872, MD109166, MD115583

Replaces:  Mitsubishi A628T50570

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