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Part # QF210 - Quicktifier 210 Amp External Bridge Rectifier - Dual Rectifier Kit w/6 Diodes for Automotive Alternators

Price: $219.95
Part #: QF210

Quicktifier-210 Heavy Duty External 210 amp rated Bridge Rectifier System with 6 diodes for Automotive, Truck & Alternative Energy Alternators
* Heavy Duty Bridge Rectifier Rated at 210 amperes. * Die Cast Aluminium housing. * 5.47"W X 4.01"H X 3.05"D * High Volume Turbo Fan for Cooling. * 3 -70 amp, 300 volt, (overall rating of 210 amps DC) non avalanche diodes.

- Die Cast Aluminum  housing
- High Volume Turbo Fan for Cooling
- Heavy Duty Bridge Rectifier Rated at 210 amps
- 12' of Gasoline, Oil & Abrasion resistant large gage AC wire
- 6 -70 amp, 300 volt non avalanche diodes


How the Quicktifier-210 External Bridge Rectifier System works
Alternators make AC (alternating) current then uses a bridge rectifier with diodes to convert that AC current into DC (direct) current for use by the vehicles electrical system.
When your alternators voltage regulator senses the need for electricity the regulator tells the alternator to start making electrical power. When your alternator is turned on and making electricity it takes power from the engine to generate the electrical power in the alternator, the more electrical power an alternator makes the more it costs.
Here's where & how you loose some electrical power in your alternator. When your alternator is making AC power, which you pay for, and your bridge rectifier cannot transfer that AC power to DC it gets rid of it in the form of heat through the side case of the alternator. You pay for generating power then some of it gets wasted in the form of heat because the alternators internal rectifier is not efficient enough to transfer all the AC power the alternator made, and you paid for,  into DC power. To top it off, the more demand you put on your alternator the less efficient the internal bridge rectifier gets and the more power is wasted. So if you are powering an HHO system or some other continuous demand system you are paying even more.
The Quicktifier-210 helps recover that wasted power by connecting to the alternator stator leads where the AC power comes out. By taping into these AC lines before they go into the alternators internal bridge rectifier the external rectifier is offering a more efficient pathway out of the alternator in transferring the AC power generated into DC power. By the increased efficiency of higher amperage rated diodes, larger wires and high volume fan to keep the external rectifier cool it creates greater efficiency and less wasted power. The Quicktifier-210's rectifier is rated at 210 amps, much higher than most alternators internal rectifiers. Because of the recovery of formerly wasted power you can power your system, whether it's your stereo, HHO System, Emergency vehicle, or other high demand system for less money. The Quicktifier-210 will make things electrical work better and your alternators bridge rectifier last longer.
NOTE: This product comes with general instructions on the internet. Very very easy installation on Delco Remy or Delphi alternators on GM vehicles from 1996 to present, watch our youtube video. You only need to remove the black plastic cover on the rear of these alternators to expose the 3 AC stator leads where the Quicktifier connects, you don't need to take the alternator apart. Many other vehicles such as some Ford, Chrysler, Imports have the same 3 stator lead connection.

Disclaimer: Because of continuous improvements, actual product may differ slightly from photo.

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