Part No. F601

Price: $39.95
Part #: F601
Regulator / Brush Holder Assy. 12 Volt, A-Circuit, LI-RC-AS Terminals, 14.0 Vset, White w/ Black Cover*

For: Ford 6G Series IR/IF Alternators

Used On: (2005-99) Ford, Mazda, Lincoln, Mercury

Replaces: Ford VP4F1U-10C359-AA*, VP4L3U-10C359-AA*, XW4U-10C359-AB

Unit Nos:
Ford 1L8U-10300-AB, 1L8U-10300-AC
1L8Z-10346-AB, 1S41-10300-BB, 2F1U-10300-DA, 2F1Z-10346-DA, 3W1U-10300-BB, 3W1Z-10346-BA, 4L3Z-10346-BA
98AB-10300-EB, 98AB-10300-FC
98AZ-10346-EA, 98AZ-10346-FA
XF2U-10300-AB, XF2U-10300-BC, XF2U-10300-BD
XF2Z-10346-AA, XF2Z-10346-BA
XR8U-10300-AE, XR8U-10300-AF, XR8U-10300-CE
XR8Z-10346-AA, XR8Z-10346-CE
XW4U-10300-AA, XW4U-10300-BA, XW4U-10300-BB, XW4U-10300-CC, XW4U-10300-CD, XW4U-10300-CE
XW4Z-10346-AA, XW4Z-10346-BA, XW4Z-10346-CC

Lester Nos: 7788, 8253, 8255, 8256, 8260, 8261, 8268, 8315

Regulation Voltage controlled by vehicle PCM (PWM signal input to RC-terminal).
LI-terminal output provides feedback to vehicle PCM.
Vehicle indicator lamp is fully controlled by the vehicle PCM.
*F601 also replaces Ford OE white body regulator w/ blue cover.
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