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Part # 27147 - Stator 150 Amp/12 Volt with 31.5mm stator metal stack height. This is the most common stator stack height used on AD244 alternators

Price: $59.95
Part #: 27147
Stator 150 Amp/12 Volt

For: Delco AD244 Series Alternators

Unit Nos: Delco 15062413, 15750871

Lester Nos: 8237, 8290

WAI Ref Nos: 1-2417-01DR, 1-2419-21DR

Dimensions: Lam Stack 31.5mm T

Notes: 4-leads/phase. Used with 28-158 rotor.
Similar to 27-146 except 27-147 has 4-leads/phase

Features: 100% New
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