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# 242102 - 1-Groove Pulley for Ford, GM and other alternators -Dimensions: 10mm Belts x 65mm OD x 17mm Bore

# 242102 - 1-Groove Pulley
Price: $27.95
Part #: 242102
 2 - V Groove Alternator Pulley

For: Ford 1G Series 40-65 Amp, 2G and other Alternators

Used On: (1991-84) Ford, Mercury

Replaces: Ford E43F-10A352-AA, E53F-10A352-AA, E73F-10A352-AA, E73Z-10344-A, GP-638

Dimensions: 10mm Belts x 65mm OD x 17mm Bore

Notes: Appears to be 2-groove but inboard groove serves as an extension and is not used as a belt groove

Features: Machined pulley cut from cold rolled steel

WAI Part No. 24-2102
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