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# 241751 - 7-Groove Alternator Pulley for Delco 20Si and 21Si Series Alternators. May fit other alternators with 22.23mm (7/8 in.) Shaft

# 241751 - 7-Groove Alternator Pulley
Price: $39.95
Part #: 241751
7-Groove Alternator Pulley
For: Delco 20SI, 21SI Series Alternators. May fit other Alternators with 22.23mm (7/8 in.)Shaft
Used On: 1993-90 Chevrolet Truck, GMC Truck
Replaces: Delco 10468768
Dimensions: 25mm Belt x 57mm OD x 22.23mm (7/8 in.) Bore
Features: Machined pulley cut from cold rolled steel
WAI Part No. 24-1751
Dubois Part No. 191-070

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