Part # 22245 for Kohler , United Technologies 1819140MO30SM, SM18191, Kohler KT17II, M18 Models, 17-18hp Small Engines

Price: $119.99
Part #: 22245
# 22245 Starter - Kohler Type Engines 12 Volt, CCW, 9-Tooth Pinion

Used On: Kohler KT17II, M18 Models, 17-18hp Small Engines

Kohler 52-098-04, 52-098-11
United Technologies 1819140MO30SM, SM18191

Features: 100% New, NO CORE CHARGE

Reference: 2-2245, 5915n, 5915
Cargo 112568
Elpar Industries 015203606
J & N 410-21021
John Deere AM38013
Kohler 52-098-11
Lester 5915
MES - Marine Electric Suppliers 5915N
Reference Number 5666340
Remy Small Motor RS41036
United Technologies 5666340-M030SM, 5666340MO30SM, SM56663
John Deere Tractor - Lawn 317 Kohler KT17QS, 17HP 1979-1982
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