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Part No.21956FD1 Ford OE# F2HT-11000-BA, F2HZ-11002-B, F7PU-11000-EA, F7PZ-11002-EA,Lester No: 3234

Price: $119.99
Part #: 21956FD1
Starter - Ford type PMGR 12 Volt, CW, 10-Tooth Pinion

Used On: (1996-93) Ford F Series Trucks 7.0L w/ AT

Replaces: Ford F2HT-11000-BA, F2HZ-11002-B, F7PU-11000-EA, F7PZ-11002-EA

Lester Nos: 3234

Features: 100% New
OE performance torque & output
High performance rare earth magnets
Field case assys. are 100% tested on a computerized gaussmeter to measure magnet strength & position.
Zinc yellow dichromate field case, solenoid, C.E. cover & hardware
Armatures are precision balanced & feature banded hairpins
Commutators are stake-welded & polished for longer brush life
Carbon brushes are welded - same as OE
Planetary gears feature needle bearings (rather than bushings)
Solenoids feature late style S-terminal with threaded post & include a spade terminal conversion kit
All component parts are OE interchangeable
Starter, drive & solenoid are endurance tested

Reference No. 2-1956-FD-1
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