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Part No. 20229112, Replaces: Ford F1HT-10300-AA, F1HT-10300-AB, F1HT-10300-AC, Lester 7749, 7758

Price: $189.95
Part #: 20229112
Ford 3G Farm, Industrial and Truck Alternator 95 Amp, 12 Volt, CW, 2-Groove Pulley, 02:30 Plug Clocking

Used On: (1994-93) Ford F Series Truck 7.0L

Replaces: Ford F1HT-10300-AA, F1HT-10300-AB, F1HT-10300-AC

Lester 7749, 7758

WAI Reference: 1-1614-11FD, 20-229-11-2

Components: 24-2106 Pulley, F794 (35-204) I-S-A Regulator

Features:100% New
WAI-Transpo rectifier features 13mm press-fit diodes w/ crimp-weld diode terminations
WAI-Transpo regulator features high amp MOSFET field transistor
Premium, hi-temperature WBD bearings
Hi-temperature class-H windings
Precision CNC machined castings
OE performance output curve

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20-229-10-2 Alternator
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