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# 12175N - Alternator Mando type, Replaces Mando A000B0431, Used On: Bobcat, Clark

Price: $209.95
Part #: 12175N
12175N (1230831MD)  Alternator - Mando Farm, Industrial & Truck Alternator 55 Amp, 12 Volt, CCW, 1-Groove Pulley

Used On: Bobcat, Clark

Replaces: Mando A000B0431

Lester: 12175

Features: 100% New

Reference: 1-2308-31MD
Bobcat 6632211
Cargo 110540
Dixie Electric A-8396
Elpar Industries 024903603M
IAT A12175
J & N 400-46001
Lester 12175
Mando AR150CA, AR150DA
MES - Marine Electric Suppliers 12175N
Remy Europe DRZ0141
Remy New 93004
WAI New 12175N
WAI Old 1-2308-31MD
Whatcom APPTRAK 34900
Wilson Heavy Duty 90-31-7007
Wilson New 90-31-7007N
Yamaha 10140010
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