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# 12180N (1211911ND) - Alternator, 35 Amp, 12 Volt, CW, 1-Groove Pulley, Replaces Denso 100211-1660, 100211-1661, 100211-1662

Price: $169.95
Part #: 12180N

12180N - Alternator, 35 Amp, 12 Volt, CW, 1-Groove Pulley, Replaces Denso 100211-1660, 100211-1661, 100211-1662, 9760218-166

For: Denso type

Features: 100% New

Also See: 12180-SECN, 12180-SEN

Used On: Toyota (1986-2007) Adapted to other applications

Replaces: Denso 100211-1660, 100211-1661, 100211-1662, 9760218-166, Hyster 3049491, KHD 0441-2972, Lucas Industries LRA00688, Towmotor 213534, Toyota 27060-78001, 27060-78001-71, Valeo 436498; Lester 12180

Bosch Service Europe 0-986-036-641
Cargo 110620
Denso 100211-1660, 100211-1661, 100211-1662, 9760218-166
Denso Remanufactured 9760218-166
Dixie Electric A-8279
Elpar Industries 022803635S
IAT A12180
J & N 400-52001, 400-52001R
KHD 0441-2972
MES - Marine Electric Suppliers 12180N, L12180
Remy Europe DRA3453, DRA6641
Towmotor 213534
Toyota, Lexus, Scion 27060-78001, 27060-78001-71
Valeo 436498
WAI New 12180N
WAI Old 1-2119-11ND, 1-2119-11ND-9, 1-2119-11NDSE-1
Whatcom APPTRAK 43719
Wilson Heavy Duty 90-29-5171
Wilson New 90-29-5171N
Kubota Misc. Equipment Various V1502 Engine 0000
Toyota Lift Truck 5FD-10 V1502 Engine 1986-1989
5FD-14 V1502 Engine 1986-1989
5FD-15 V1502 Engine 1986-1989
5FD-18 V1502 Engine 1986-1989
5FD-20 V1502 Engine 1986-1989
5FD-23 V1502 Engine 1986-1989
5FD-25 V1502 Engine 1986-1989
5FDL-10 V1502 Engine 1986-19895FDL-14 V1502 Engine 1986-19895FDL-15 V1502 Engine 1986-19895FDL-18 V1502 Engine 1986-19895FDL-20 V1502 Engine 1986-19895FDL-23 V1502 Engine 1986-19895FDL-25 V1502 Engine 1986-19895FG-10 4P Engine 1986-19885FG-10 4Y Engine 1986-19885FG-14 4P Engine 1986-19885FG-14 4Y Engine 1986-19885FG-15 4P Engine 1986-19885FG-15 4Y Engine 1986-19885FG-18 4P Engine 1986-19885FG-18 4Y Engine 1986-19885FG-20 4P Engine 1986-19885FG-20 4Y Engine 1986-19885FG-23 4P Engine 1986-19885FG-23 4Y Engine 1986-19885FG-25 4P Engine 1986-19885FG-25 4Y Engine 1986-19885FG-28 4Y Engine 1986-19885FG-30 4Y Engine 1986-19885FGL-10 4P Engine 1986-19895FGL-14 4P Engine 1986-19895FGL-15 4P Engine 1986-19895FGL-18 4P Engine 1986-19895FGL-20 4P Engine 1986-19885FGL-23 4P Engine 1986-19885FGL-25 4P Engine 1986-1988
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