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#1192901MI - Alternator 215 Amp Dual Rectifier, Ford OE# F5UU-10300-CA, F5UZ-10346-CA, Mitsubishi OE# A8TU0091, Lester No. 12075

Price: $995.95
Part #: 1192901MI
Alternator - Mitsubishi type Farm, Industrial & Truck Dual Rectifier Alternator 215 Amp, 12 Volt, CW, complete with 8-Groove Pulley

Used On: Ford E Series Van 7.3L Diesel with Ambulance alternator option
Ford F Series Pickup 7.3L Diesel with Ambulance Option
Replaces: Ford F5UU-10300-CA, F5UZ-10346-CA, Mitsubishi A8TU0091
Lester Nos: 12075
Features: 100% New
Reference No. 1-1929-01MI

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