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# 2828551 - Slip Ring, Rotor, Ford 3G Series Alternators

Price: $34.95
Part #: 2828551

2828551 - Slip Ring, Rotor, Ford 3G Series Alternators

For: Ford 3G Series Alternators

Dimensions: 13.3mm ID x 26.9mm OD x 27mm LL

  • Leads extend 101mm from end to end - same as OE.
  • For longer leads use 28-2855-3 when soldering to the larger 130 Amp rotors.
  • Split slip ring
  • Straight leads, 101mm from end to end

Also See: 28-2855-2;28-2855-3

Used On: Ford (1992-2009) , Lincoln (1992-1995) , Mazda (2006-2006) , Mercury (1992-2005)

Replaces: Ford E9DF-10328-AA

Unit Nos: FORD 2L3U-10300-BB, 4L2T-10300-DB, 4L2T-10300-DD, 4L2Z-10346-DA, 5C2T-10300-BC, 5C2Z-10346-AA, 5C2Z-10346-BA, 5C3T-10300-AA, 5C3T-10300-AC, 5C3Z-10346-AA, 6C2T-10300-BA, 6C2Z-10346-BA, 96BB-10300-AE, F0CZ-10346-C, F0CZ-10346-CRM, F0DU-10335-AB, F0DU-10335-CA, F1PU-10346-AC, F1SU-10300-BA, F29U-10300-AB, F2UU-10300-CD, F2UU-10300-DC, F2UZ-10346-B, F2UZ-10346-BRM, F3AU-10300-CA, F3AZ-10346-A, F3CU-10300-AD, F3DU-10300-BB, F3DU-10335-AA, F3DU-10335-BA, F3VU-10300-AA, F4ZU-10300-DA, F58U-10335-AA, F5AU-10300-AA, F5HT-10300-AA, F5UU-10300-AA, F5UU-10300-BA, F5UZ-10346-A, F65U-10300-BB, F67U-10335-AA, F69U-10300-AA, F6HU-10300-AA, F6PU-10300-TA, F6UU-10300-BA, F6UU-10300-EA, F6UU-10300-EB, F6ZU-10335-AA, F7CU-10300-AB, F7CU-10300-DA, F7RU-10335-AA, F85U-10300-BA, XC3U-10300-DB, XC3U-10300-DC, XL3U-10300-BA, XL3U-10300-BB, XL3U-10300-BC; FORDENG 2L3U-BB, 4L2T-DB, 4L2T-DD, 5C2T-BC, 5C3T-AA, 5C3T-AC, 6C2T-BA, 96BB-AE, F1SU-BA, F29U-AB, F2UU-CD, F2UU-DC, F3AU-CA, F3CU-AD, F3DU-BB, F3VU-AA, F4ZU-DA, F5AU-AA, F5HT-AA, F5UU-AA, F5UU-BA, F65U-BB, F69U-AA, F6HU-AA, F6PU-TA, F6UU-BA, F6UU-EA, F6UU-EB, F7CU-AB, F7CU-DA, F85U-BA, XC3U-DB, XC3U-DC, XL3U-BA, XL3U-BB, XL3U-BC; MAZDA 1F72-18-300A; LESTER 7749-3, 7750, 7751, 7753, 7756-3, 7764, 7765, 7768, 7771, 7775, 7776, 7784, 7785-3, 8429, 8446

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