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# IM830 - Voltage Regulator Brush Holder Assembly for Mitsubishi Alternators. Used On: (2001-91) Ford, Mazda, Mercury, Subaru

Price: $39.95
Part #: IM830
IM830 (35-8333) Voltage Regulator / Brush Holder Assembly

12 Volt, A-Circuit, S-L Terminals, 14.5 Volt set point, wo/ LRC
  • 24mm ID Slip Ring Cover
For: Mando, Mitsubishi  Alternators
Used On: (2001-91) Ford, Mazda, Mercury, Subaru
Replaces: Ford F1CZ-10316-A, F4BZ-10316-A; Mando TA500C02001, TA500C04401; Mazda B64J-18-W70, B64J-18-W70A; JE48-18-W70, MJE48-18-W70; Mitsubishi A866X20472, A866X20972, A866X22772
Unit Nos: Mando AB160044; Mitsubishi A2T33191, A2T33891, A2T33892, A2T33991, A2T35177, A2T36578, A2T38977, A2T39091, A2T39291, A2T39391, A2T80391, A2T83491, A2TA3991, A2TA5891, A3T07592, A3T08491, A3T08591, A5T03391, A5T03677, A5T03777
Lester #'s  13227, 13350, 13432, 13445, 13446, 13460, 13479, 13511, 13523, 13559, 13574, 13614, 13650, 13698
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