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# 925606 - Ford Motorcraft type 3G Alternator Easy Wiring Combo Plug

Price: $49.95
Part #: 925606
Need to repair or upgrade to a Ford type 3G series Alternator, (opnion) one of the best Ford Motorcraft based alternators to upgrade from earilier units, or mount on other vehicles or engines. Our new prefabricated wiring harness is a hassle-free way to connect your 3G series Alternator to activate with your Ignition Switch. We do the work for you, we take the 3 pin "D" shaped Voltage Regulator Plug and combine it with the Single "Stator" Plug making sure to connect them properly. We then add the correct size Ring Terminal to the proper wire lead for Easy Connection. Make the Alternator Voltage Regulator connection by simply connecting this Wire Harness to an Ignition Source Key switch or Toggle Switch (should be lighted so you know when it's on). No more measuring, stripping, splicing, and crimping.

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