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# 488104 - Brush Holder / Bridge Rectifier / Voltage Regulator Assembly For Hitachi Type Alternators On Opel, Vauxhall Applications

Price: $109.95
Part #: 488104
488104 Brush Holder/Rectifier/Voltage Regulator Assembly 12 Volt, A-Circuit, L-F Terminals, 14.4 Vset For: Hitachi Type 100A Alternators
Used On: Opel, Vauxhall (Europe)
Unit Nos: GM 97355198; Hitachi LR1100-508, LR1100-508F; Isuzu 8-97369-507-0; Opel 6204183
Lester Nos: 23802
Dimensions: 127mm OD Rectifier M8 x 1.25 x 38mm Batt. Term.
Features: Transpo 8-40A press-fit avalanche diodes
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