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# MER5209 - Bridge Rectifier W/ Rear housing, For : Valeo 170A Alternators

Price: $61.95
Part #: MER5209
MER5209 Bridge Rectifier W Rear Housing
For :  Valeo 170A Alternators
Dimensions:  M8 x 1.25 x 15mm Batt. Term.
Notes:  Delta wound stator applications, With Tolerance Ring Installed, Companion Regulator M543
Features:   100% New 
12-50A Avalanche Press Fit Diodes, 20-24V
Aluminum Heatsink
Crimp-Weld Diode Stem Terminations
Used On:  BMW (2006-2007)
Replaces:  VALEO 595202
Unit Nos:  BMW 12-31-7-521-178, 12-31-7-525-376; VALEO 2542720F, TG17C015; VALEONEW 439560; VALEOTECH 2542720
Lester Nos:  11260
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