# M560 - Voltage Regulator / Brusholder Assembly for Valeo Alternators

Price: $44.95
Part #: M560
M560 Voltage Regulator / Brusholder Assembly
For :  Valeo  Alternators
Notes:  3-pin connector receptacle but only 2-pins in cavity
Features:  100% New
5 Sec LRC and Soft Start Functions
Active Lamp Choke Function
Stator Activated
Used On:  Land Rover - Europe (2000-2007) , Rover Group - Europe (2000-2006)
Replaces:  VALEO 2543326A, 2543326B, YM2610
Unit Nos:  LANDROVER GNU2562, YLE0000260, YLE000260, YLE102020, YLE102500; VALEO A13VI234, SG12B080; VALEONEW 439301, 439301; VALEOTECH 2542265, 2542797A, 2542797B
Lester Nos:  21469, 21470
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