# M530 - Voltage Regulator / Brush Assembly For Valeo 110A Alternators On: 1997-2002 Chevrolet Corvette , Fiat LCV - Europe (

Price: $44.95
Part #: M530
Voltage Regulator / Brush Holder Assembly. 
12 Volt, B-Circuit, S-FR-L Terminals, 14.5 Volt set point
For :
Valeo 110A  Alternators

Used On: 1997-2002  Chevrolet Corvette 5.7L (350) V8 , Fiat LCV - Europe (1999-2002) 
Replaces: Valeo 593342, 9RC7109, 2541935B, 2546366C, 2546493C, 2542521B, 9RC7109 Unit Nos:  GM 10246634, MAGNETON 9-517-186, VALEO A14VI21, VALEONEW 439217, VALEOTECH 2541926

Lester Number : 13721

Features : Transpo w/ 10K Ohm Resistor w/ External Sense 10 Sec LRC and Soft Start Active Lamp Choke Function No Overvoltage Indication and Loss of Sense Light Which Compliant to OE OE Compliant Soft Start Stator, Ignition, Light Activation, Stator, Ignition, Light Activation

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