# M1030 SINGLE SUPPRESSOR PROTECTS ONE DEVICE Connect to (+) and ( - ).

Price: $34.95
Part #: M1030
# M1030  SINGLE SUPPRESSOR PROTECTS ONE DEVICE Connect to (+) and ( - ).

JIMCO has developed a series of transient suppressors for passenger cars, industrial, heavy duty truck, construction and marine use.

What is a transient? It is a short "burst" of very high voltage resulting from the sudden release of stored energy. Transient voltage "spikes" are very pronounced in today's electrical systems due to the growing number of accessories in use. Examples are: air conditioning compressor magnetic clutches, cooling fan magnetic clutches on large trucks, power windows and alternator load dump. Alternator load dump is when the stator energy is dissipated as very high voltage. Alternator load dump can damage the diodes, regulator and/or diode trio.

Transient voltages have little effect on mechanical or electro-mechanical devices but are devastating to solid state components. JIMCO transient suppressors use components that were created by the computer industry to protect valuable computers.

Two models with universal application are available, both can be used on 12 volt and 24 volt vehicles. They can be installed at the component to be protected or at the component suspected of creating the transient.
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