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# LR104337 - Negative Bridge Rectifier for Leece Neville 4900 Series Alternators - 60A avalanche press-fit diodes

Price: $59.95
Part #: LR104337
LR104337 - Negative Bridge Rectifier for Leece Neville 4900 Series Alternators
For :  Leece Neville 4900 Series 185-270A/12V Alternators
Used On:  Bluebird (1998-2009) , Freightliner (2003-2007) , International (1997-2007)
Replaces: Leece-Neville 104337, A051104337S

Unit Nos:  BLUEBIRD 00106723, 1816073, 48143, 48144, 48145, 8588; FORD 2C4U-10300-AA, 2C4Z-10346-CA, 4C40-10300-AA, 4C40-10300-HA, 4C40-10300-NA, 4C4O-10300-BA, 4C4O-10300-DA, 4C4O-10300-RA, 4C4O-10300-TA, 4C4Z-10346-AA, 4C4Z-10346-BA, 4C4Z-10346-DA, 4C4Z-10346-EA, 4C4Z-10346-HA, 4C4Z-10346-MA, 4C4Z-10346-RA, 4C4Z-10346-TA; FORDENG 2C4U-AA, 4C40-AA; IHC 3521047C91, 3560681C91, 3568557C91, 3571135C91, 3574477C91, 3579009C91, 3580988C91, 3582992C91, 3813037C91, 3815270C91, 3828211C91, LN4979PAH, ZLN4863JB, ZLN4867JB, ZLN4870JB, ZLN4940PA, ZLN4942PA, ZLN4944PA, ZLN4947PA, ZLN4949PA, ZLN4978PAH, ZLNA0014951PAH; LEECENEVILLE 4846AAH, 4861JB, 4863J, 4863JB, 4863JBRM, 4864J, 4864JB, 4867J, 4867JB, 4867JBRM, 4870JB, 4870JBRM, 4871JB, 4872AA, 4874JB, 4876JB, 4939AAH, 4939PGH, 4940PA, 4940PAH, 4942PA, 4943PGH, 4944PA, 4947PA, 4947PAH, 4949PA, 4949PAH, 4949PGH, 4951PA, 4951PAH, 4951PGH, 4978PAH, 4979PAH, 4991PA, 4992PA, A0014846AAH, A0014861JB, A0014863JB, A0014864JB, A0014867JB, A0014867JBH, A0014867JGH, A0014870JB, A0014871JB, A0014872AA, A0014874JB, A0014876JB, A0014939AAH, A0014939PGH, A0014940PA, A0014940PAH, A0014942PA, A0014943PGH, A0014944PA, A0014947PA, A0014947PAH, A0014949PA, A0014949PAH, A0014949PGH, A0014951PA, A0014951PAH, A0014951PGH, A0014978PAH, A0014979PAH, A0014991PA, A0014992PA; MACK 2MJ55, 5034-4943PGH

Lester Nos:  8321, 8322, 8323, 8324, 8327, 8458, 8459, 8654, 8661, 8668, 8669, 8670, 8671, 8672, 8675, 8676, 8677, 8681, 8682, 8683, 8686
Also See:  LR104336
Features:100% New Transpo, 6-60A avalanche press-fit diodes (24-29V)

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