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# INR439 - Copper Bridge Rectifier For Denso 150 Amp Alternators. Used on: 2009-01 John Deere

Price: $74.95
Part #: INR439

# INR439 COPPER Bridge Rectifier for Superior Electrical flow, used in Denso 150 amp Alternators

Dimensions: 117mm OD,  M8 x 1.25 Battery Terminal

Features: 100% New , 12-50A Avalanche Press Fit Diodes (20-24V), Copper Heat Sinks, For Aluminum version see INR439AL

Used On: John Deere (2001-2009)

Replaces: DENSO 021580-6450

Unit Nos: DENSO 104210-3920, 104210-3921; JOHNDEERE RE186320, RE257541

Lester Nos: 12660 also see INR439AL

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