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# IN289 - Voltage Regulator, Used On: Jaguar (2000-2008) , Jaguar - Europe (2000-2010),

Price: $46.95
Part #: IN289
IN289 Voltage Regulator,
For :   Denso Alternators,
Features:  100% New,
Low Side Drive Regulator,
Soft Start,
8 seconds LRC, full range,
Under Voltage Lamp,
Ignition Activated,
Standard Lamp Function - Without Output,
Field Short circuit Protection,
S-FR-IG-L Terminals,
Used On:  Jaguar (2000-2008) , Jaguar - Europe (2000-2010),
Replaces:  DENSO 126000-2890,
Unit Nos:  DENSO 101211-7892, 102211-0520; FORD XR83-10300-AB, XR83-10300-BC; FORDENG XR83-BC; JAGUAR XR8-37164, XR8-42452, XR8-6934, XR8-8577,
Lester Nos:  13908, 13909,
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