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# IMR8594 - Bridge Rectifier, 12 Volt, For Mitsubishi Alternators

Price: $49.95
Part #: IMR8594

IMR8594 - Bridge Rectifier, 12 Volt, For Mitsubishi Alternators

For: Mitsubishi 80-90A IR/IF Alternators

  • 85mm Mounting Length
  • M8 x 1.25 Battery Terminal

Notes: With diode trio. For 6-diode version use IMR8588

  • 100% New
  • 8 30A diodes

Also See: IM845, IMR8588

Used On: Eagle (1995-1998) , Ford (1993-1997) , Mazda (1993-2002) , Mitsubishi (1994-1998) , Mitsubishi - Europe (1992-2001)

Replaces: Ford F32Z-10304-A, GYE1414, Mazda FS11-18-W60, Mitsubishi A860T39070, A860T42670, A860X42770, A860X44170, Mitsubishi Motors MD618752, MD618811

Unit Nos: Ford F32Z-10346-A, F32Z-10346-ARM; Mazda FS11-18-300A, FS11-18-300B, FS11-18-300R, FS1G-18-300, FS1G-18-300A; Mitsubishi A00002T82899, A00002TB5891A, A002T33891, A002T33891, A002T33891ZC, A002T33892, A002T37791B, A002T80591, A002T80591ZC, A002T82791, A002T82791ZC, A002T82792, A002T82792ZC, A002T82899, A002TB5891, A002TB5891A, A002TB5891AC, A002TB5891ZC, A002TN0499, A2T82899; Mitsubishi Motors MD194482, MD306649, MD310997, MD313939, MD327535; Nissan, Infiniti 23100-70T13; Valeo TA000A32601A, Lester 12665, 12666, 13445, 13585, 13616

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