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# IM622 Voltage Regulator Mitsubushi Alternators used on Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury Vehicles

Price: $46.95
Part #: IM622
# IM622 Voltage Regulator for  Mitsubishi Alternators
Features:  100% New
•  AS-RC-LI Terminals
•  Field Short Circuit Protected
•  RC or Stator Activated
•  Regulation is Controlled by Vehicle PCM
•  Thermal Load Protection
Used On:  Ford (2008-2014) , Lincoln (2009-2014) , Mazda (2009-2011) , Mercury (2009-2011)
Replaces:  Mitsubishi 6224Y12N, 6224Z04A, 62259204-01432
Unit Nos:  FORD 8A4T-10300-AC, 8A4Z-10346-A, 8S4T-10300-AA, 8S4T-10300-AC, 8S4Z-10346-A, 9L8T-10300-AB, 9L8T-10300-AC, 9L8Z-10300-A, 9L8Z-10346-A, BE5T-10300-AA, BL1T-10300-BB, BL1Z-10346-A; FORDENG 8A4T-AC, 8S4T-AA, 9L8T-AB; MAZDA ZZC7-18-300; MITSUBISHI A002TX0391, A002TX0391ZC, A003TX0692ZC
Lester Nos:  11271, 11272, 11411, 11684
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