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# IM505 - Voltage Regulator for Mitsubushi Alternator

Price: $46.95
Part #: IM505
IM505 Voltage Regulator For :  Mitsubishi Alternators
Used On:  Mazda (2002-2012) , Mazda - Europe (2005-2012)
Replaces:  MITSUBISHI A866X50572
Unit Nos:  MAZDA AJ51-18-300, AJ51-18-300R, AJ57-18-300, AJ57-18-300A, AJ57-18-300B, L33G-18-300, L33G-18-300A, L33G-18-300R-00, L33G-18-300R-0A, L3M6-18-300A, L3M6-18-300B, L3M6-18-300C, L3M6-18-300R-0A, L3P9-18-300A, L3P9-18-300B, L3P9-18-300C, L3P9-18-300R, L3P9-18-300R-0C, LFB6-18-300; MITSUBISHI A2TJ0391, A2TJ0391A, A2TJ0391B, A2TJ0391C, A3TJ0191, A3TJ0291, A3TJ1091, A3TJ1181, A3TJ1191
Lester Nos:  11006, 11007, 11168, 11169, 11330, 11398
Notes:   3-pin connector but only D-P are used: (N/C) = No connection. D = Drive. P = Phase
 IM505 is NOT a traditional regulator, but a field control unit that works with the vehicle's computer (PCM) to control the voltage and output. Traditional test methods will immediately damage D-P Type regulators. See VRC101-26 regulator test adapter.
Features:   100% New Transpo
With capacitor plate
Stator activated
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