IM263 - Voltage Regulator for Mitsubushi Alternator

Price: $42.95
Part #: IM263
IM263 Voltage Regulator
For :    Mitsubishi Alternators
Used On:  Nissan 1986-1989 , Nissan - Europe 1984-1993
Replaces:  LUCAS 21513126, UCJ233, MITSUBISHI A866X06470, A866X06471, A866X06472, A866X08070, A866X08071, A866X08072, A866X14072FD, NISSAN 23133-08515, 23133-08E15, 23215-17B10, 23215-51S10
Unit Nos:  MITSUBISHI A2T02394, A2T02394B, A2T44672, A2T44672B, A2T45771, A2T45771A, A2T46395, A2T46395B, A2T47794, A2T47794B, A2T48292, A2T48298, A2T48472, A5T22971B, A5T22997B; NISSAN 23100-07F10, 23100-07F11, 23100-08E11, 23100-12C10, 23100-12C11, 23100-17B10, 23100-20B00, 23100-26E10, 23100-26E11, 23100-26E90, 23100-46L10, 23100-46L11, 23100-51S10, 23100-51S11, 23100-51S90, 23100-D4410, 23100-D4415, 23100-D4490; VALEOSHORT VA249, VA459; VALEOTECH 567515
Lester Nos:  14243, 14479, 14720, 14723, 14724, 20485, 20573, 22531, 22827
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