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# IM216 Voltage Regulator / Brush Holder Assy. For: Mando, Mitsubishi Alternators for (1989-84) Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Plymouth

Price: $39.95
Part #: IM216
Voltage Regulator / Brush Holder Assembly.
12 Volt, A-Circuit, R-L Terminals, 14.5 Volt set point
For: Mando, Mitsubishi Alternators
Used On: (1989-84) Dodge, Ford, Hyundai, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Plymouth
Unit Nos: Mando AB155001, AR160A; Mitsubishi A1T01991, A1T34672, A1T40391, A1T40491, A1T40791, A1T40891, A2T00991, A2T03072, A2T03691, A2T03792, A2T03892, A2T04474, A2T07577, A2T13571, A2T13571A, A2T17872, A2T41677, A2T41791, A2T41991, A2T42777, A2T43791, A2T43891, A2T43892, A2T44991, A2T47371, A2T47371A, A2T47474, A2T47974, A2T49891, A5T30574, A5T30871, A5T40374, A5T41474, A5T41477
Lester #'s 13182, 13259, 13292, 14431, 14434, 14435, 14445, 14447, 14693, 14694, 14697, 14699, 14706, 14708, 14709, 14876, 14903, 14906, 14908, 14910, 14917, 14950
WAI Ref. Nos: 1-1135-01MI, 1-1141-01MI, 1-1149-01MI, 1-1162-01MI, 1-1173-01MI, 1-1186-01MI, 1-1188-01MI, 1-1193-01MD, 1-1193-01MI, 1-1194-01MI, 1-1195-01MI, 1-1198-01MI, 1-1205-01MI, 1-1217-01MI, 1-2162-01MI, 1-2342-01MI
Dim: 26mm ID Slip Ring Cover
Note: For heavy duty version use IM216HD
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