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# IHR1000 (3181003) - Late Style 75A Bridge Rectifier For Hitachi 10-50A Alternators

Price: $14.95
Part #: IHR1000
IHR1000 (3181003) - Late Style Bridge Rectifier

For Hitachi 10-50A Alternators

Used On: (1980-70) Chevrolet, Nissan, Subaru; Nissan Forklift

Replaces: Hitachi L125-6320, L125-8320, L140-6320, L140-7320, L140-9320, L160-13201; Iseki 658-1218-021-0; Isuzu 5-81218-001-0, 5-81218-021-0, 5-81218-022-0; 9-82231-619-0; Nissan 23230-H0300, 23230-U0100; 23232-B8000, 23232-E6601, 23232-H6200, 23232-N3300, 23232-U0102; Subaru 31441-00808, 89534-6101, 89534-6111

Unit Nos: Hitachi LR135-30, LR135-35, LR135-73; LR150-05, LR150-10, LR150-21, LR150-22, LR150-23, LR150-26; LT110-04, LT115-52; LT120-05, LT120-21; LT125-06; LT130-72, LT130-72B, LT130-81, LT130-89; LT135-13B, LT135-17, LT135-17B, LT135-19B, LT135-19C, LT135-19E, LT135-20, LT135-22, LT135-24B, LT135-26, LT135-30, LT135-35, LT135-35B, LT135-35C, LT135-38C, LT135-54, LT135-68, LT135-73, LT135-73B; LT150-03, LT150-05, LT150-05B, LT150-10, LT150-10B, LT150-21, LT150-22, LT150-22B, LT150-23, LT150-23B, LT150-26, LT150-26B; LT160-20, LT160-23, LT160-23B, LT160-23E, LT160-32; LT210-01, LT215-27; Lester 12106, 14105, 14118, 14119, 14191, 14209, 14214, 14223, 14230, 14530, 14534

Dimensions: M5 x 0.8 x 13mm Mounting Post

Notes: Without diode trio.


- Transpo

- 6-25A button diodes

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