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# IH741 Voltage Regulator Used On: Nissan 2005-2019 , Suzuki 2009-2012

Price: $49.95
Part #: IH741
IH741 Voltage Regulator 12 Volt, A-Circuit, C Terminal, 14.3 Vset, 9 sec. LRC
For :  Hitachi Alternators
Notes:  Standard lamp function - no output
Features:   100% New Transpo
 Soft start
 Light activated
Short-circuit protection: lamp, field
Also See:  IHR786
Used On:  Nissan (2005-2019) , Suzuki (2009-2012)
Replaces:  -
Unit Nos:  HITACHI LR1110-724, LR1110-724B, LR1110-724BR, LR1110-724C, LR1110-725, LR1110-725B, LR1110-725BR; NISSAN 23100-EA000, 23100-EA00A, 23100-EA00AR, 23100-EA00B, 23100-EA201, 23100-EA20B, 23100-EA20BR; SUZUKI 31400-82Z00, 31400-82Z01
Lester Nos:  11119, 11121
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