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IH203 - Voltage Regulator For Hitachi Alternator on Nissan 1978-1986

Price: $39.95
Part #: IH203
Voltage Regulator
For :  •  Hitachi Alternators•  
Used On:  Nissan 1978-1986
Replaces:  HITACHI L150-43151, L150-63151, L160-43151, NISSAN 23133-D0200, 23133-Q4601, 23133-W1606, 23133-W7101
Unit Nos:  HITACHI LR150-125, LR150-125B, LR150-98, LR150-98B, LR150-99, LR150-99B, LR160-109, LR160-109C, LR160-116, LR160-130, LR160-170, LR160-39, LR160-40, LR160-51, LR160-55, LR160-77, LR160-78, LR160-78B, LR170-10; ISUZU 8970959640; NISSAN 23100-01N13, 23100-04M10, 23100-06S10, 23100-D0200, 23100-D0201, 23100-D0800, 23100-M6600, 23100-M6601, 23100-Q4601, 23100-R2002, 23100-R2003, 23100-V2800, 23100-W5802, 23100-W5803, 23100-W5816, 23100-W5817; VALEO 436505, 436505, 436506, 436506, 436518, 436518; VALEOSHORT VA225, VA225, VA330; VALEOTECH 567361
Lester Nos:  14255, 14303, 14588, 20477
Features:  •  100% New Transpo
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