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# IB255 - Voltage Regulator, for Bosch Alternators, Used On: Ford LCV - Europe (2000-2012)

Price: $56.95
Part #: IB255
IB255 Voltage Regulator for Bosch Alternators,
12 Volt, A-Circuit, S-FR-L Terminals, 14.5 Vset, w/ LRC
Notes:  *Replaces Bosch F-00M-145-255 wo/ LRC, w/o soft start
Features:  100% New Transpo, Soft start, Temperature compensation
Also See:  IBR234
Used On:  Ford LCV - Europe (2000-2012)
Replaces:  BOSCH F-00M-145-255, F-00M-145-361, F-00M-145-410
Unit Nos:  BOSCH 0-124-315-019, 0-124-315-027, 0-124-325-100, 0-124-415-016, 0-124-415-030, 0-124-415-032, B-120-316-092C, B-120-416-351; DAF 1516508R; FORD 1C1T-10300-AB, 1C1T-10300-AD, 1C1T-10300-AE, 1C1T-10300-AF, 2C1T-10300-AA, 2C1T-10300-AB, 2C1T-10300-BA, 4461712, YC1T-10300-BC, YC1T-10300-BD, YC1T-10300-BE, YC1T-10300-BG, YC1T-10300-BH, YC1T-10300-BJ; FORDENG 1C1T-AB, 1C1T-AD, 1C1T-AE, 1C1T-AF, 2C1T-AA, 2C1T-AB, 2C1T-BA, YC1T-BC, YC1T-BD, YC1T-BE, YC1T-BG, YC1T-BH, YC1T-BJ; VALEO 437690; VALEOTECH 585768
Lester Nos:  21890, 21891, 23183
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