# IB200 - Voltage Regulator for Bosch IR/LC Water Cooled Alternators

Price: $54.95
Part #: IB200
IB200 - Voltage Regulator for Bosch IR/LC Water Cooled Alternators,
12 Volt, A-Circuit, IG-L Terminals (IG=15, L=61E), 14.3 Vset
Notes: Active lamp function - with output, Stator energizing requires a stator signal greater than 10VAC (PP) - use VRC101-34 Regulator Test Signal Amplifier.
Features:  100% New Transpo, Soft start, LRC, Ignition, lamp, or stator activated
Used On:  BMW (1999-2004) , BMW - Europe (1998-2004) , Land Rover (2003-2009) , Land Rover - Europe (2002-2005)
Replaces:  BOSCH F-00M-255-200, F-00M-255-201
Unit Nos:  BMW 12-31-1-705-483, 12-31-1-705-557, 12-31-7-508-052, 12-31-7-508-054, 12-31-7-508-258, 12-31-7-508-286; BOSCH 0-122-0AA-1H0, 0-122-0AA-1J0, 0-122-468-015; LANDROVER YLE000040
Lester Nos:  11074, 13815
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