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# HO7011HD140 - 140 Amp Delco 10Si and 12Si Heavy Duty Alternator Upgrade Kit

Price: $179.95
Part #: HO7011HD140
GTIN: 00052202000289

Heavy Duty Alternator Upgrade for Delco 10Si and 12Si Alternators

This kit was designed by our experts to maximize both the output and durability of your alternator. Every component was hand-selected to revitalize your aging alternator. Not just for higher output, either. Durability and a long life is just as important to us, and your charging system, as maximizing outpu. Don't accept kits with cheap or missing components, we include everything you need to get the most out of your Si series alternator.


Where the POWER is Made.

The other guys underwind stators, giving you lots of output at the high end, but you'll see higher temperatures and lower output at idle. I've even seen high output kits sold WITHOUT A STATOR. If you don't upgrade the stator, you don't upgrade the alternator, PERIOD. We use the thickest stators with the best windings available. This gives you higher idle output without sacrificing peak performance or durability. Our stator is thicker and heavier than the stators used on factory units. This means your alternator will have more copper, higher amperage, and better durability.


Where DURABILITY is Tested.

We also use the beefiest rectifiers that will fit in the case. Stock units use 25-35 Amp rated diodes. We double that to 70 Amp rated diodes. That means our rectifiers are rated at a whopping 210 AMPS!. Some of our competitors will sell you an upgrade kit with a drop wound, high output stator and a STOCK RECTIFIER. Running a 105 Amp or 140 Amp stator with a 75 Amp rectifier is a sure way to burn up your alternator, your time, and your hard-earned money.


The BRAINS of the Alternator.

A system is only as strong as its weakest link. Lots of kits forget this and use stock-rated voltage regulators.
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