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# FR3003SP - Bridge Rectifier, 60A Press Fit Diodes, OE Validated, 180A Rated, For Ford 4G Series Alternators

Price: $60.95
Part #: FR3003SP

FR3003SP - Bridge Rectifier, For Ford 4G Series Alternators

For: Ford 4G Series IR/IF Alternators

Dimensions: 133 mm Diameter

  • 100% New Transpo Heavy Duty
  • 8-60A press-fit avalanche diodes, OE validated
  • Crimp-weld diode stem terminations
  • Drop-down stator lead terminal for improved stator-wire attachment
  • Improved B+ post integrity - knurled stud pressed into redesigned conductor

Also See: 22-213 FR300-1 FR3003

Used On: Ford (1996-2007) , Lincoln (1995-2005) , Mazda (2005-2006) , Mercury (1996-2007)

Replaces: -

Unit Nos: FORD 1L2U-10300-AA, 1L2U-10300-AB, 1L2Z-10346-AA, 1L2Z-10346-AB, 1L2Z-10346-ABRM, 2F1U-10300-BA, 2F1U-10300-BB, 2F1Z-10346-BA, 2F1Z-10346-BARM, 3C3T-10300-CA, 3C3T-10300-CB, 3C3Z-10346-CA, 3C3Z-10346-CARM, 3R3U-10300-AA, 3R3Z-10346-AB, 3W1U-10300-AA, 3W1U-10300-AB, 3W1Z-10346-AA, 3W3U-10300-AA, 3W3Z-10346-AA, 5F9T-10300-AC, 5F9Z-10346-AA, 5L8T-10300-KC, 5L8T-10300-KD, 5L8T-10300-LA, 5L8T-10300-LC, 5L8T-10300-MC, 5L8Z-10346-KA, 5L8Z-10346-LA, 5L8Z-10346-MA, 6F9T-10300-AA, 6F9T-10300-AC, 6F9Z-10346-AA, 6L8T-10300-AB, 6L8T-10300-BB, 6L8T-10300-CB, 6L8T-10300-KA, 6L8T-10300-MA, 6L8Z-10346-AB, 6L8Z-10346-BB, 6L8Z-10346-BBRM1, 6L8Z-10346-CB, 6L8Z-10346-KA, 6L8Z-10346-LA, 6L8Z-10346-MA, F5OU-10300-FA, F5OU-10300-FB, F5OU-10300-FC, F5OY-10346-A, F5OY-10346-ARM, F5OY-10346-ARM, F68U-10300-AD, F68Z-10346-AD, F6DU-10300-BB, F6DU-10300-BC, F6DU-10300-BD, F6DU-10300-DB, F6DU-10300-DC, F6DU-10300-DD, F6DZ-10346-B, F6DZ-10346-BRM, F6DZ-10346-D, F6DZ-10346-DRM, F6LU-10300-CA, F6LU-10300-CB, F6LU-10300-CC, F6LU-10300-CD, F6LY-10346-A, F6LY-10346-ARM, F6OU-10300-AA, F6OU-10300-AB, F6OY-10346-AA, F6ZU-10300-BB, F6ZU-10300-BC, F6ZU-10300-BE, F6ZU-10300-BG, F6ZZ-10346-B, F6ZZ-10346-BRM, F77U-10300-AB, F77U-10300-AC, F77Z-10346-AB, F77Z-10346-ABRM, F78U-10300-AA, F78Z-10346-AA, F78Z-10346-AARM, F8OZ-10346-CA, F8OZ-10346-CARM, XL2U-10300-AA, XL2Z-10346-AA, XL2Z-10346-AARM, XL3U-10300-AA, XL3U-10300-AB, XL3Z-10346-AA, XL3Z-10346-AARM, XW7U-10300-AA, XW7U-10300-AC, XW7U-10300-AD, XW7Z-10346-AA, XW7Z-10346-AARM, YF1U-10300-EA, YF1U-10300-EB, YF1Z-10346-E, YF1Z-10346-ERM, YR3U-10300-AA, YR3U-10300-AB, YR3Z-10346-AA, YR3Z-10346-AARM; FORDENG 1L2U-AA, 1L2U-AB, 2F1U-BA, 2F1U-BB, 3C3T-CA, 3C3T-CB, 3R3U-AA, 3W1U-AA, 3W1U-AB, 3W3U-AA, 5F9T-AC, 5L8T-KC, 5L8T-KD, 5L8T-LA, 5L8T-LC, 5L8T-MC, 6F9T-AA, 6F9T-AC, 6L8T-AB, 6L8T-BB, 6L8T-CB, 6L8T-KA, F5OU-FA, F5OU-FB, F5OU-FC, F68U-AD, F6DU-BB, F6DU-BC, F6DU-BD, F6DU-DB, F6DU-DC, F6DU-DD, F6LU-CA, F6LU-CB, F6LU-CC, F6LU-CD, F6OU-AA, F6OU-AB, F6ZU-BB, F6ZU-BC, F6ZU-BE, F6ZU-BG, F77U-AB, F77U-AC, F78U-AA, XL2U-AA, XL3U-AA, XL3U-AB, XW7U-AA, XW7U-AC, XW7U-AD, YF1U-EA, YF1U-EB, YR3U-AA; MAZDA L3H5-18-300A, L3H6-18-300A, ZZC2-18-300; LESTER 7773, 7780, 7780A, 7781, 7786, 7787, 8251, 8269, 8308, 8313, 8314, 8403, 8404, 8405, 8436, 8442, 8474

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