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# F798SE - Voltage Regulator Brush Holder Assembly, 12 Volt, 14.45 Volt set point, Self-Exciting, For Ford 4G Series Alternators-1

Price: $43.95
Part #: F798SE
GTIN: 00052202000234

F798SE - Voltage Regulator Brush Holder Assembly, 12 Volt, A-Circuit, 14.45 Vset, Self-Exciting, For Ford 4G Series Alternators

For: Ford 4G Series Alternators

Notes: Self-exciting version of F798.

  • 100% New
  • Stator activated - self-exciting
  • For custom 1-wire applications

Also See: F798

Used On: Ford (1996-2004) ** Lincoln (1996-1998)

Replaces: Ford F5OU-10316-A, F5OU-10C359-AA, F5OU-10C359-AB, F5OY-10316-A, GR815

Unit Nos: Ford 3C3T-10300-CA, 3C3T-10300-CB, 3C3Z-10346-CA, 3C3Z-10346-CARM, 3C3Z-10V346-CBRM, F5OU-10300-FA, F5OU-10300-FB, F5OU-10300-FC, F5OY-10346-A, F5OY-10346-ARM, F5OY-10346-ARM, F68U-10300-AD, F68Z-10346-AD, F6DU-10300-BB, F6DU-10300-BC, F6DU-10300-BD, F6DU-10300-DB, F6DU-10300-DC, F6DU-10300-DD, F6DZ-10346-B, F6DZ-10346-BRM, F6DZ-10346-D, F6DZ-10346-DRM, F6DZ-10V346-CRM, F6DZ-10V346-DARM, F6OU-10300-AA, F6OU-10300-AB, F6OY-10346-AA, F6OY-10V346-ABRM, F78U-10300-AA, F78Z-10346-AA, F78Z-10346-AARM, F78Z-10V346-ABRM, F8OU-10300-CA, F8OU-10300-CB, F8OU-10300-CC, F8OU-10346-CA, F8OZ-10346-CA, F8OZ-10346-CA, F8OZ-10346-CARM, F8OZ-10346-CARM, F8OZ-10V346-CBRM, XW7U-10300-AA, XW7U-10300-AC, XW7U-10300-AD, XW7Z-10346-AA, XW7Z-10346-AARM, XW7Z-10V346-ABRM, YF1U-10300-EA, YF1U-10300-EB, YF1Z-10346-E, YF1Z-10346-ERM, YF1Z-10V346-ERM, Ford Engineering 3C3T-CA, 3C3T-CB, F5OU-FA, F5OU-FB, F5OU-FC, F68U-AD, F6DU-BB, F6DU-BC, F6DU-BD, F6DU-DB, F6DU-DC, F6DU-DD, F6OU-AA, F6OU-AB, F78U-AA, F8OU-CA, F8OU-CB, F8OU-CC, XW7U-AA, XW7U-AC, XW7U-AD, YF1U-EA, YF1U-EB, Lester 7781-SE

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