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# ERCKFRMF Super Cool Finned Heavy Duty External Voltage Regulator By-pass Kit, Chrysler Dodge Jeep Alternators, Heavy Duty Finned Regulator

Price: $109.95

Adjustable Heavy Duty Voltage Regulator By-Pass kit with EXCLUSIVE Super Cooling Finned Regulator for Greater Durability on Chrysler Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep applications. Heavy Duty option for Applications on early Chrysler, Dodge, Plymouth Vehicles with INSULATED DUAL FIELD  alternators.

Exclusive Stainless Steel Plug Retaining Clip that keeps the plug from falling out.


Since 1987 for Dodge and Chrysler vehicles and since 1991 for Jeep Family vehicles have alternators that are controlled by the Alternator Voltage Regulator Control Module inside the vehicle computer. 
CAUTION: vehicles after 2005 may also require a modified driver as well. Email your vehicles year, make, model, engine info for your vehicle and we will tell you

Engine Control Unit (Computer).

The computer is often called the ECC, ECM, EEC, or PCM. Often the alternator voltage regulator, or field control module, in the computer will fail, leaving you with a dead charging system situation where your alternator doesn't work, yet your engine runs just fine. To get your alternator working your entire computer would need to be replaced.

In a bind?, to get your alternator working you can bypass the internal Alternator Voltage Regulator Control inside the computer by using our External Voltage Regulator By-Pass kit.

Auto professional needed to install the Quick Start ECU Voltage Regulator By-pass kit.
Email: INFO@QSALTS.COM  Put "installers wanted" in the subject line.
If you are in need of list of installers use the same email just put " installer needed" in the subject line.
Thank you,

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