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10Si Series Alternators and Alternator Parts. One of the longest running Series of Alternators. Easily repaired and mounted on almost any application. Includes 6, 8, 12 and 24 volt applications.
The 12Si series alternator has the same outside dimensions as the 10Si series alternator and will fit in its place without modification. The 12Si series alternator has several design improvements over the 10Si series that make it better.
AD244 Series alternators. High output alternators to replace the AD230, CS130/130D, and DR44G series alternators. 4-pin to 2-pin conversion kits also available to install in place of the DR44G series.
Delco-Remy Type CS-130 Series Alternators
Delco Type CS130D Series alternator. Based on the CS121 and CS130 alternator, the CS130D has more openings and better fans to keep the voltage regulator and bearings cool.
CS144 Series Alternators. Dual Rectifier units, single rectifier units, conversion kits and more. Also contains all the parts; the repair and rebuilding kits; as well as all the wiring accessories and mounting hardware.

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