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DC520 - Permanent Magnet Alternator PMA based on GM's/Delco-Remy type 10Si Alternator

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Part #: DC520
Permanent Magnet Alternator PMA based on GM's Delco Remy10Si Alternator
FREE ER-Kit included with each DC-540 or DC-520 purchase.A $29.00 Value!
Features a 303 Stainless Steel Shaft for ultimate corrosion protection and increased power output. The shaft also features a standard thread size of 5/8 x 18 threads per inch for easy adaptation to your project.
  All DC-520 and DC-540 Alternators are equipped with a 3-phase AC Output pigtail. This small black connector on the back of the unit allows you to run less costly 3-conductor wire to your battery location instead of large heavy battery cables. Once at the battery location the 3-phase AC power is converted to DC using an External Bridge Rectifier.

 WARNING: The 3-phase output connector DOES NOT make your alternator a direct “Grid-Tie” alternator so don’t try to wire the leads into the fuse box of your house as explosion, death, fire, and/or destruction will result !! You can only connect AC devices to the grid with proper phase alignment.

The DC-520 Model is perfect for use as a wind generator in areas that experience average winds of 5-15 MPH. This Model Reaches 12 Volts at 130 RPM. The chart below represents actual output on a test stand. Voltage readings were recorded with the circuit open (No Load) while Amperage was recorded with the output shorted (Max Load). Your system setup will determine what output you will see in the “real world”. For example, a dead battery will pull much more current similar to the shorted output reading than will a fully charged battery. Also, the voltage will rise until it meets the voltage of your battery and then level off as the battery is “absorbing” the excess voltage as it charges. The output is unregulated. You should be sure and run a 20 or 30 amp fuse on the output to prevent damage to the unit if your load becomes excessive. Also, consider using a charge regulator so your batteries don’t become overcharged. On our test stand with a 12 Volt battery connected the PMA produced 15 Amps at 2000 RPM.


Threads on shaft are 5/8 x 18 tpi

For use as a direct drive wind generator, select a fast set of blades and you should start charging a 12 volt battery setup in about 6 mph winds. This unit passes the 12 volt mark at just 130 RPM. 
This PMA unit features the following:
  • Completely Brushless design eliminates the need for maintenance and reduces friction.
  • Specially wound Low RPM Output stator.
  • Super Strong N40 grade Neodymium rare earth magnets are at its core to replace the inefficient electromagnetic field coil.
  • Zero Cogging
  • It is built using Brand New GM Delco type alternator components including NEW Stator Coils, factory balanced Stainless Steel Shafts and New Rotor Pole Shoes. Replacement bearings and parts will be available for years.
  • Built-in rectifier. (DC output is unregulated)
  • This unit is perfect for direct drive wind turbines in areas that only see 5-15 Mph winds on average.
  • Not recommended for motor driven or geared up wind use. Please select our DC512 model for use with engine driven applications and DC-520 for geared up wind use.
  • Built to last with new bearings and a baked on clear ceramic finish that will last for years in harsh outdoor environments.
  • 90 day full replacement warranty on all units (Warranty void if PMA has been opened or tampered with)
  • Reaches 12 Volts output at just 130 RPM and the voltage keeps going up from there. (see chart below). Makes over 350 Volts at 2500 RPM.
  • Produces 15 Amps into a 12 Volt battery at 2000 RPM.
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