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# D897SE - Self-Excitng Upgrade and Repair Kit for AD244, AD237, AD230 GM Alternators

Price: $149.95
Part #: D897SE
# D897SE - Self Exciting Upgrade & Repair Kit for AD244, AD237, AD230 GM Alternators
Kit may be used on alternators up to 240 amps.
Converts standard hookup alternators to one-wire self-exciting.
When using kit on lower amperage alternators such as the 105 amp AD230 alternator it will make it much tougher.
Note: Heat Transfer Grease Required

Kit Contents:
1 - # DR4402HD3 - Heavy Duty Rectifier with High Amp Diodes rated at 80 amps each
1 - Positive Retifier Heat Sink Insulator
1 - Heavy Duty, Self-Exciting Voltage Regulator # D235SEL, with "no charge light" function option
1 - #39112 Brush Holder Assembly. (brush holder assembly contains 1 brusholder plastic, 2 Brushes, 2 springs fully assembled

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