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# D8972 - Advanced 2-Pin Upgrade and Repair Kit for AD244, AD237, AD230 GM Alternators

Price: $99.95
Part #: D8972
# D897 - Advanced Upgrade & Repair Kit for AD244, AD237, AD230 GM Alternators
Kit may be used on alternators up to 240 amps.
When using kit on lower amperage alternators such as the 105 amp AD230 alternator it will make it much tougher.
Note:HeatTransfer Grease Required

Kit Contents:
1 - # DR4402HD3 - Heavy Duty Rectifier with High Amp Diodes rated at 80 amps each
1 - Positive Retifier Heat Sink Insulator
1 - Heavy Duty Voltage Regulator Part Number depends on vehicle year,model vehicle which you must give when ordering
1 - #39112 Brush Holder Assembly. (brush holder assembly contains 1 brusholder plastic, 2 Brushes, 2 springs fully assembled

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