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# AC130-SE140 - Hybrid CS130/AD237/AD244 Series Alternator, 140 Amp, Heavy Duty Rectifier, Self-Exciting Regulator, Replaces 10DN, 10Si, 12Si

Price: $189.95
Part #: AC130-SE140

Hybrid Alternator Uses the Best Components of CS130D, AD230, and AD244 Alternators
Specially-made Front Housing Has the Same Mounting Dimensions as GM's Delco 10DN, 10Si, 12Si, and CS130 Alternators.

This Unique Hybrid Blending of Several Superior GM type alternators incorporates the best improvements developed through years of Alternator Design.

Our design incorporates the compact CS130D series alternator front half with a special Front Housing. This Front Housing incorporates the same 2" pivot mount and 6-5/8 hole to hole bolt dimensions as the very popular 10DN, 10SI, 12SI, and CS130 Series Alternators with the 6/12 (180 degree) mounting.

Then we add the rear housing from the AD230 Series Alternator, which has a highly improved Bridge Rectifier Design over the CS130D series alternator. Finally, we top that off with the Superior Heavy Duty Bridge Rectifier used on the AD244 Series Alternator. The AD244 alternator is GM's large case alternator used in high-amperage-demand vehicles. This Special Bridge Rectifier has 6 80-Amp Diodes, giving it a Durability Rating of 240 amps.


The Voltage Regulator comes in both factory type hookup (1 Resisted ignition wire to the regulator plug "L" terminal) as well as the One Wire, Self Exciting (no wire to the regulator plug, only battery connections are needed).

Plus, with our alternator all the Main Electronic Components (voltage regulator, bridge rectifier, brush holder, etc.) are on the outside of the alternator, right under the black plastic protective cover. Making Service of the Main Electrical Components much easier, you don't even have to split the case in half to get at the guts!

Our Hybrid Alternator also has an industry-standard 17mm shaft, so any standard pulley that fits a 10DN, 10Si, 12Si, or CS130 alternator will work our unique alternator.

A Short History of GM Alternators

The very first alternator GM introduced In the early 60's was the Delco-Remy 10DN series, externally regulated alternator (originally called "The Delcotron A.C.-Rectified Generator"), which has a 2" mounting boss and a hole to hole Mounting Dimension of 6-5/8".

Later came the 10Si Series Alternator in 1969. The Chevy Corvette was first to use GM's Delco-Remy 10Si Series Internally Regulated "Systems Integrated" Alternator. By 1972, all GM Vehicles switched to the 10Si series alternator. The 10Si also has a 2" mounting boss and a hole to hole Mounting Dimension of 6-5/8", same as the 10DN.

As power demands grew, GM/Delco-Remy upgraded to the 12Si Series Alternator. The 12Si has the same outside psychical dimensions as the 10Si, but Delco installed a wider Rotor, a Thicker Stator, and Improved the Design of the Bridge Rectifier. They also added more holes in the rear case and upgraded the fan design.

After the Si series came the CS series, debuting around 1986. The CS130 was the first small case alternator to replace the Si series. The CS130 had many major issues. The CS130 was considered a throw-away alternator, it was never intended to be rebuilt. Many of the issues of the CS130 alternator were addressed and improved in the CS130D series, except for the poor design of the bridge rectifier. The bridge rectifier has 6 diodes, 3 negative and 3 positive diodes. The CS130 and CS130D used a rectifier design that stacks the positive rectifier half right on top of the negative rectifier half. This stacked design caused both heat and electrical interference. This problematic rectifier design was not changed until the Delphi Automotive Systems AD series alternator was released.

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