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842700 - Alternator Pulley Nut, 5 Pack, for Delco and Ford Alternators, .668-20, uses 15/16 socket , 5/16 thick, For 17mm shaft

Price: $19.95
Part #: 842700
Alternator Pulley Hex Nut, 5 pack
For: Delco Automotive; Ford Alternators
Replaces: Delco 806915, 1915172, 10457349; Ford 351124-S, 391042-S36B
Dimensions: .668-20 x 15/16 F x 5/16 T
Caution: Not all Ford 3G,4G & 6G use this nut. Make sure you check what size nut your Ford unit has. Features: Zinc plated
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