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# 7058 Ford Motorcraft type Small Case 1G series Externally Regulated Alternator

Price: $159.95
Part #: 7058
# 7058 Small Case 1G Series Alternator


  • Ford Motorcraft Series:1G 40-65A NOTE: colors may vary
  • 100% New
  • SPECS FOR:Ford 1G Series External regulator/External Fan
  • SPECS:65 Amp/12 Volt, CW, 1-Groove Pulley
  • VOLTAGE:12


  • Ford C5AF-10300-A, C5AF-10300-AB, C5AF-10300-B, C5AF-10300-C, C5AF-10300-D, C5AF-10300-E, C5AF-10300-F, C5AF-10300-FG, C5AF-10300-G, C5AF-10346-A, C5AZ-10346-A, C5DF-10300-A, C5DF-10300-B, C5DF-10346-A, C5DF-10346-B, C5DZ-10346-A, C5DZ-10346-B, C5TF-10300-A, C5TF-10300-B, C5TF-10300-C, C5TF-10300-D, C5TF-10300-E, C5TF-10300-F, C5TF-10300-H, C5TF-10300-J, C5TF-10300-Z, C5TF-10346-A, C5TF-10346-B, C5TF-10346-G, C5TF-10346-H, C5TZ-10346-A, C5TZ-10346-B, C5TZ-10346-G, C5TZ-10346-H, C6AF-10300-A, C6AF-10300-B, C6AF-10300-C, C6AF-10300-D, C6AF-10300-E, C6AF-10300-F, C6AF-10300-G, C6AF-10346-B, C6DF-10300-A, C6DF-10300-B, C6DF-10300-C, C6DF-10346-A, C6GF-10300-A, C6GF-10300-B, C6TF-10300-A, C6TF-10300-B, C6TF-10300-C, C6TF-10300-D, C6TF-10300-E, C6TF-10300-F, C6TF-10300-G, C6TF-10300-H, C6TF-10300-J, C6TF-10300-K, C6TF-10300-L, C6TF-10300-M, C6TF-10346-A, C6TF-10346-B, C6TF-10346-C, C6TF-10346-D, C6VF-10300-A, C6VF-10346-A, C6VF-10346-B, C6VY-10346-A, C7SF-10300-A, C7SF-10300-B, C7TF-10300-C, C7TF-10300-D, C7TF-10300-E, C7ZF-10300-A, C9AF-10300-A, C9AF-10300-B, C9AF-10300-C, C9SF-10300-A, C9ZF-10300-A, C9ZF-10300-B, C9ZF-10300-C, C9ZZ-10346-B, D0AF-10300-C, D0AF-10300-E, D0AF-10300-F, D0AF-10300-G, D0AF-10300-H, D0AF-10346-C, D0AF-10346-E, D0AF-10346-F, D0AZ-10346-E, D0AZ-10346-F, D0LF-10300-H, D0SF-10300-A, D0TF-10300-C, D0TF-10300-D, D0TF-10300-E, D0TF-10300-F, D0TF-10300-G, D0TF-10300-J, D0TF-10346-C, D0ZF-10300-A, D0ZF-10300-B, D0ZF-10300-C, D0ZF-10346-B, D0ZZ-10346-B, D1ZF-10300-AA, D2AF-10300-AA, D2AF-10300-AB, D2AF-10300-BA, D2AF-10300-BB, D2AF-10346-CA, D2AF-10346-DA, D2AZ-10346-C, D2AZ-10346-D, D2OF-10300-BA, D2OF-10300-BB, D2OF-10300-DA, D2OF-10300-DB, D2OF-10300-EA, D2OF-10300-EB, D2OF-10300-FA, D2OF-10300-FB, D2OF-10346-DA, D2OF-10346-GA, D2SF-10300-AA, D2SF-10300-AB, D2TF-10300-AA, D2TF-10300-AB, D2TF-10300-AC, D2TF-10300-BA, D2TF-10300-BB, D2TF-10300-BC, D2TF-10300-BD, D2TF-10300-CB, D2TF-10300-CC, D2TF-10300-DA, D2TF-10300-DB, D2TF-10300-DC, D2ZF-10300-AB, D2ZF-10300-AC, D2ZF-10300-BA, D2ZF-10300-BB, D2ZF-10346-BA, D3OF-10300-BA, D3OF-10300-CA, D3OF-10300-FA, D3TF-10300-BA, D3TF-10300-CA, D3TF-10300-DA, D3ZF-10300-AA, D42F-10300-AA, D42F-10300-DA, D42F-10300-EA, D42F-10300-FA, D4LF-10300-AA, D4LF-10300-BA, D4LF-10300-CA, D4LF-10300-DA, D4OF-10300-AA, D4OF-10300-BA, D4OF-10300-CA, D4OF-10300-FA, D4OF-10346-BA, D4OF-10346-CA, D4OZ-10346-B, D4OZ-10346-C, D4TF-10300-AA, D4ZF-10300-BA, D52F-10300-AA, D5AF-10300-AA, D5AF-10300-BA, D5AZ-10346-C, D6FF-10300-BA, D6FF-10300-DA, DO3F-10300-DA, F2OF-10346-FA, F2OF-10346-HA, F2OF-10346-JA, Ford Engineering C5AF-A, C5AF-B, C5AF-C, C5AF-D, C5AF-E, C5AF-F, C5AF-G, C5DF-A, C5DF-B, C5TF-A, C5TF-B, C5TF-C, C5TF-D, C5TF-E, C5TF-F, C5TF-H, C5TF-J, C5TF-Z, C6AF-A, C6AF-B, C6AF-C, C6AF-D, C6AF-E, C6AF-F, C6AF-G, C6DF-A, C6DF-B, C6DF-C, C6GF-A, C6GF-B, C6TF-A, C6TF-B, C6TF-C, C6TF-D, C6TF-E, C6TF-F, C6TF-G, C6TF-H, C6TF-J, C6TF-K, C6TF-L, C6TF-M, C6VF-A, C7SF-A, C7SF-B, C7TF-C, C7TF-D, C7TF-E, C7ZF-A, C9AF-A, C9AF-B, C9AF-C, C9SF-A, C9ZF-A, C9ZF-B, C9ZF-C, D0AF-C, D0AF-E, D0AF-F, D0AF-G, D0AF-H, D0LF-H, D0SF-A, D0TF-C, D0TF-D, D0TF-E, D0TF-F, D0TF-G, D0TF-J, D0ZF-A, D0ZF-B, D0ZF-C, D1ZF-AA, D2AF-AA, D2AF-AB, D2AF-BA, D2AF-BB, D2OF-BA, D2OF-BB, D2OF-DA, D2OF-DB, D2OF-EA, D2OF-EB, D2OF-FA, D2OF-FB, D2SF-AA, D2SF-AB, D2TF-AA, D2TF-AB, D2TF-AC, D2TF-BA, D2TF-BB, D2TF-BC, D2TF-BD, D2TF-CB, D2TF-CC, D2TF-DA, D2TF-DB, D2TF-DC, D2ZF-AB, D2ZF-AC, D2ZF-BA, D2ZF-BB, D3OF-BA, D3OF-CA, D3OF-FA, D3TF-BA, D3TF-CA, D3TF-DA, D3ZF-AA, D42F-AA, D42F-DA, D42F-EA, D42F-FA, D4LF-AA, D4LF-BA, D4LF-CA, D4LF-DA, D4OF-AA, D4OF-BA, D4OF-CA, D4OF-FA, D4TF-AA, D4ZF-BA, D52F-AA, D5AF-AA, D5AF-BA, D6FF-BA, D6FF-DA, DO3F-DA

USED ONFord (1961-1974) ** Lincoln (1965-1971) ** Mercury (1962-1972) ** New Holland Industrial (1972-1983) ** Versatile (1967-1984) Many other applications

LESTER NUMBER 7058 1G 40-65A

100% New

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