# 7341N - Leece-Neville type 230 Amp Alternator

Price: $399.95
Part #: 7341N
7341N Leece-Neville type 230 Amp Alternator
 Leece-Neville AVI160T 
Notes:   Negative Ground. uses PR600 bridge Rectifier and F600 voltage regulator
Features:  100% New
Used On:  Ford (1999-)
Replaces:  FORD 6E7Z-10346-C, IHC GL-8654, LEECE-NEVILLE A160202, A160203-3, AVI160T2002, AVI160T2002-3
Lester Nos:  7341
J&N 400-14074
Bosch AL7566N
Ford 23CU10300BB, 23CU10300CB, 2C3Z10346BB, 2C3Z10346CB, 3C3T10300AA, 3C3T10300AC, 3C3T10300BB, 3C3Z10346AA, 4C3T10300AA, 4C3T10300BA, 4C3T10300BB, 5C2T10300CA, 5C2Z10346CA, 5C3T10300BB, 5C3Z10346DA, 5C40AC, 6C2T10300DA, 6C2Z10346CA, 6C2Z10346EA, 6C3T10300BA, 6C3Z10346BA, 6C3Z10346DA, 7C3T10300BB, F3UM10300AF, F3UU10300AF, F5UU10300BA, F5UU10300CA, F5UU10300EA, F5UZ10346CA, F6PZ10346LA, F6UU10300EA, F6UU10300EB, F81U10300CC, F81U10300CD, F81U10300CE, F81U10300DB, F81U10300DC, F81U10300DD, F81U10300DE, F81U10300EB, F81U10300ED, F81U10300GA, F81U10300GC, F81Z10346CA, F81Z10346DA, GL360, GL381, GL410, GL411, GL504RM, GL530, GL531, GL551, GL557, GL569, GL625, GL626, GL630, GL635, GL643, GL644, GL647, GL648, GL649
International Truck LNAVI160T2002, ZLNAVI160T2002
Leece Neville A160202, AVI160T2002-2
Lester 12075, 7341, 7768, 7797, 7798, 8306, 8317, 8445, 8476, 8477, 8478, 8479
Mercedes LNAVI160T20022
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