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# 7273M 170SE - Alternator, Aftermarket, Delco Type 12Si Series, Self Exciting 1-Wire Regulator, 12 Volt / 170 Amp Rated Output

Price: See part # CS144-A170SE
Part #: 7273M170SE
170 Amp Delco-Remy 12-SI type Alternator with Self Exciting Internal Regulator

The 12-SI Alternator has the same outside dimensions as the10-SI (shown below) and will fit in it's place without modification.
The 12-SI has several design improvements over the 10-SI that make it the better choice between the two.

Improvements include:
· Larger Rectifier to handle more Amps.
· Wider Stator and Rotor for improved
Magnetism for Better Low End Output
Plus the increase in mass helps with Heat Dissipation
· Larger Cooling Holes at back for Better Cooling of
Rectifier, Stator and other internal components
· High Volume Axial Turbo fan for Greater Air Flow through the Alternator
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