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# 5801N - Starter, fits: KOHLER, TORO, NEW HOLLAND, CUB CADET, 100% New Top Quality

Price: $159.95
Part #: 5801N
5801N  Starter,  United Technologies type, 12 Volt, CCW, 10-Tooth Pinion

Features:  100% New

Used On:  Cub Cadet (2005-2006) , Toro (2006-2009)

Replaces:  DELCO RS41069, KOHLER 32-098-01, 32-098-01S, 32-098-04, 32-098-04S, 3209804S, NEWHOLLAND 

Lester Nos:  5801
Cargo 114075
Delco RS41069
Dixie Electric 206-04118
Elpar Industries 015503630
J & N 410-21069
Kohler 32-098-01, 32-098-01S, 32-098-04, 32-098-04S, 3209804S,3209801, 
Lester 5801
MES - Marine Electric Suppliers 5801N
New Holland K0H3209801S
Remy Small Motor RS41069
WAI New 5801N
WAI Old 2-3232-UT
Wilson 71-09-5801
Cub Cadet Tractor - Compact LT1045LE Kohler 20HP Courage Twin Gas 2005-2006
LT1046 Kohler 23HP Courage Twin Gas 2005-2006
SLT1550 Kohler 25HP Courage Twin Gas 2005-2006
SLT1554 Kohler 27HP Courage Twin Gas 2005-2006

Cub Cadet Tractor - Zero Turn i1046 Kohler 20HP Courage Twin Gas 0000
i1050 Kohler 25HP Courage Twin Gas 0000

New Holland Mower - Zero Turn G4030 Kohler 23HP Gas 0000
G4035 Kohler 25HP Gas 0000
G4050 Kohler 25HP Gas 0000

Toro Mower - Zero Turn G4030 Kohler 23HP 2007-2008
G4035 Kohler 25HP 2009
G4050 Kohler 25HP 2008
TimeCutter Z4202 Riding Mower Kohler 20HP 2008-2009
TimeCutter Z5020 Riding Mower Kohler 23HP 2007-2009
TimeCutter Z5060 Riding Mower Kohler 25HP 2008-2009
TITAN Z4800 Kohler 23HP Gas 2008-2009
TITAN Z5200 Kohler 25HP Gas 2007-2009

Toro Tractor - Garden GT2100 Kohler 23HP Gas 2006-2008
GT2200 Kohler 25HP Gas 2006-2008
GT2300 Kohler 26HP Gas 2006

Toro Tractor - Lawn LX425 Kohler 20HP SV720 2007
LX468 Kohler 22HP 2008-2009
LX500 Kohler 22HP 2006
SL500 Super Lawn Tractor Kohler 23HP 2007
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